In general, we are happy to accept any good quality, gently used sports equipment as part of our trade-in program. We do ask that you clean any used equipment prior to bringing it to the store, particularly if the gear has been exposed to any significant dirt or dust (i.e. please clean soccer cleats of any dirt), and use common household cleaners to eliminate any stains or odors.

We prefer to receive your trade-in merchandise within its season, but we are happy to accept items outside of their usual season, especially items like skis and snowboards, lacrosse gear, and baseball / softball gloves.

Corner Sports accepts trade-in merchandise within the following categories:

  1. Hockey: Skates, helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, shin pads, sticks, hockey bags, goalie pads, chest protectors, goalie masks
  2. Lacrosse: Sticks, helmets, shoulder pads, rib pads, arm guards / elbow pads, lacrosse bags
  3. Soccer: Soccer cleats, shin pads
  4. Baseball/Softball: Gloves, bats, cleats, equipment bags, batting helmets
  5. Skiing: Skis, bindings, boots, goggles, helmets, bags
  6. Snowboarding: Snowboards, bindings, boots, goggles, helmets, bags
  7. Inline Skating: Inline Skates, Rollerblades, Roller hockey skates, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, all roller hockey equipment (see ice hockey equipment above)
  8. Watersports: Wakeboards, waterskis, inflateables, ropes, life vests, life jackets, PFD's
  9. Golf: Clubs, bags, balls
  10. Cycling: Helmets, protective gear for mountain biking
  11. Motocross: Helmets, goggles, boots, protective gear


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