Corner Sports’ Trade-In Program…Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse & More!!!!

Corner Sports’ Trade-In Program

Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse & More!!!!

Corner Sports is filled to the brim with gear! We have TONS of equipment in stock for the new seasons of Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, and more!

And we are currently accepting trades of gently used hockey, soccer, and lacrosse gear, for both kids and adults alike.

If you have just discovered that your son’s or daughter’s equipment no longer fits, NOW is the perfect time to bring your old gear to Corner Sports to trade it for new (or gently used) equipment!

Corner Sports’ Trade-In Program:

Corner Sports is accepting all equipment that is related to Fall and Winter sports. If you have any good quality used sports equipment that you would like to trade towards new (or used) gear, please bring it by the store, (2276 Elgin Ave., Port Coquitlam), and our staff will evaluate the gear, determine your replacement needs, and establish a trade-in value for everything that you’ve got. Other than hockey, soccer, and lacrosse equipment, we are currently accepting all Ski and Snowboard Equipment, Skateboards, Scooters, and Bicycles and accessories.

Types of Equipment Accepted:

We accept most gently used sports gear, as long as it is close to its usual season of use.

For hockey, we accept skates, helmets, sticks, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey pants, shin pads, and ALL goalie gear (both kids and adults’ sizes). We do not accept equipment that is torn, has holes, or that maintains an odour. We do not accept jocks and jills and any other shirts or pants that are worn against the skin.

For soccer, we accept cleats, turf and indoor shoes, and shin pads. We will not accept shoes that are ripped, or whose cleats are worn down. We are not taking soccer socks, jerseys, or shorts.

Lacrosse gear maintains similar standards to that of hockey, as we accept sticks, helmets, shoulder pads, arm guards, kidney pads, and gently used lacrosse cleats.

Ski and snowboard gear is now in season, and we are happy to accept any skis, snowboards, boots, or bindings that you would like to bring in to the store. We are always looking for good quality ski and snowboard equipment, so bring it to us at any time of the year.

Skateboards and Scooters are also accepted at any time of year. We maintain our skateboard and scooter inventory year-round, so please visit us to buy or trade a skateboard or scooter at any time!

Bicycles are also acceptable at this time, particularly good quality road bikes and BMX’s. We will also accept high quality mountain bikes if they are in perfect working order.

Corner Sports is Stocked to the Rafters!

All of our departments are fully stocked with all of the gear that you will need for the new season. We have brought in stacks of hockey, soccer, and lacrosse gear, both new and used, ensuring that we have gear in all sizes for both children and adults. Moreover, with the trade-in program in full swing, we are receiving reams of new gear on a daily basis!

The excitement is palpable now that the Fall and Winter sports seasons are underway…we look forward to seeing you at the store VERY soon!


Your Friends at Corner Sports

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Corner Sports is a sporting goods retailer based in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada. Corner Sports carries new and used sporting goods in all major team sports, including Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, and Baseball / Softball. We also carry new and used gear for individual sports such as Skiing, Snowboarding, Tennis, Golf, Inline Skating, Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, and many more! Please visit our About Us page for more details about what we do, and all about our Trade-in program for used sporting goods!


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